Panasonic BL-C210A Internet Security Camera
Panasonic BL-C210A Internet Security Camera Detail
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Panasonic BL-C210A Internet Security Camera Description

Do you sometimes worry about things at home while you’re at work or on vacation? Save your worries with Remote Monitoring by Panasonic Home Network Camera. Panasonic network cameras let you monitor your room over the Internet from wherever you are. They even notify you by e-mail when they detect moving objects. And you can choose the video format to match the Internet connection and your viewing needs. Let Panasonic network cameras keep an eye on things – anytime, anywhere – so you can r…

BL-C210 corresponds well to JPEG system, MPEG-4 system and H.264 system which is higher in image compression rate than MPEG-4 system. Through BL-C210, you can monitor any moving image properly in accordance with your purposes. Plus, simultaneous use of two different kinds of communication systems is possible with BL-C210. Its image-updating speed is 30 pcs/second at maximum in case of (640 x 480 dots) of H.264. Therefore, you can catch any moving target through very smooth and high-defin…

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Panasonic BL-C210A Internet Security Camera


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